Some Tips For Know to Tip a Dog Groomer

If you’re taking your dog to the first grooming session, you may be wondering what the etiquette is around tipping and grooming.

It’s a good question, especially since a “grooming session” can mean a 15-minute haircut or a 3-hour mission where the groomer does everything your pup needs for months to come.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about what to tip, why he should tip, and when he can tip more or less than usual.

Did You Should I tip the hairdresser?

While not required, tipping is generally recommended.
The groomers do a great job, and it’s generally considered polite to tip them after you’ve licked your pup. However, this is not required.

Many people don’t tip their hairdressers, so you won’t be alone if you don’t tip.

People generally tip workers who are not paid much per hour and rely on tips to make ends meet (for example, waiters, bellboys) or service workers who do work that they cannot do on their own ( e.g. hairdressers, bartenders). ).

Dog groomers meet both of these requirements, so it makes sense to tip.

Do I have to tip the hairdresser?

15-20% is considered a standard tip for a hairdresser.
An average dog grooming session costs around $80.[2] At a typical 15-20%, this equates to $12-16 per session.

If you want to tip a little more or less that’s fine, but aim for at least 15% if you can.

You can use the standard tip calculator to determine how much you should tip based on the total bill.

Is the price $20 a good tip for a barber?

Definitely; if it doesn’t earn interest, a $20 bill will do.

If you haven’t paid for an ultra-super-exclusive grooming service in over 2 hours, it’s perfectly fine to pay $20 and end the day there.

In either case, cash tips tend to be more valuable than credit tips, so a single $20 bill is likely to be a good deal.

You can give the groomer $10-15 if the session was quick and not particularly expensive if he wants to meet the 15-20% target.

If it was a two hour session that cost $100-$150, try to stick to the 15-20% goal.

Should I give vacation advice to my hairdresser?

If you work with a hairdresser, tip him the equivalent of one session.

If you go to a different groomer every time you groom your pup, don’t worry about tips while on vacation.

However, if you have a barber you really like and use year-round, consider giving him a holiday tip equivalent to a haircut.

In other words, if your average grooming session costs $100, consider giving him a $100 Christmas tip.

You can always give your hairdresser a gift if you don’t want to tip him. A gift card or a bottle of fine wine will definitely not go unnoticed.

Additional tip to Extra

Groomer did the best he could.

If she paid for a standard haircut, but the barber noticed plaque on her teeth and gave her a free brush at home, this requires an additional tip.

Groomers often try to make sure the dog gets everything he needs, even if the owner hasn’t paid for it in advance.

If your groomer has taken very good care of your furry friend, give them an extra 5-10% if you can.

Find out ahead of time what’s included in a grooming session so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

In this way, you can find out if the hairdresser has done everything possible.

His dog was especially difficult to work with.

Do you have one of these dogs? If you know your 80lb (36kg) Rottweiler tends to growl and move whenever touched by a stranger, consider adding another 5-10% to your groomer.

If you’re not sure how your dog behaves around the groomer, just ask! When you come back to pay, you can say: “How is my boy? Did he stay still for you?

Do you have a large dog or do they have a unique coat.

Grooming an Irish Wolfhound takes a groomer much longer than cutting a Chihuahua, but groomers often don’t change prices based on the size of the dog.

To make up for your time, consider tipping 20-25% (or more) if your dog has special needs, your dog is particularly large, or his fur is difficult to groom.

Crazy-coated breeds like Komondors, Pulis, and Afghan Hounds are often time-consuming for groomers and require big tips if you can swing them.I

f you are going to get a special haircut because you are going to show your dog, consider some additional tips.Your groomer is covered in scratches and/or hair.

If you go to pick up your pet and your groomer seems to have missed the bell, you can give him some money for his hard work.

Groomers sometimes get bitten and scratched on the job, it just fits the territory, but it’s still nice if you can show them you appreciate their efforts, especially if your dog hurt the groomer.

If you know your dog has a tendency to scratch or bite, please let us know ahead of time when you take your dog in for a brushing.